The Beginning…

Day 1 of my commitment of submission to my Daddy… He gave me three simple tasks I had to complete while he was at work & I had the day off.

  1. Do three sets of exercises. Which included burpees, mountain climbers, planks, & squats. As well as eat healthy.
  2. Practice calligraphy using the tools Daddy got me for Valentine’s Day. Practice different fonts with different tools.
  3. Lastly, write 10 sentences in a font of my choice that says ‘Daddy Knows Best’

I made sure to complete these tasks when normally I probably would of half assed accomplished them or ignored them all together. I made sure to remind myself that I was making a commitment to the man I love and that I know he will be happy if I do as I’m told. That, and I didn’t wanna be punished. That was the first time I had actually completed my tasks as told & I was very happy with myself. Instead of lying in bed all day on my day off I actually accomplished something. Daddy was very happy as well 🙂


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