Let’s Talk About It!

Let’s talk about the question you’ve all been wondering… why choose this lifestyle?

Among the many reasons there are just a few that helped us make our decision.

I’ll start from the beginning though… Like I’ve mentioned before we have always involved various parts of kink in our relationship whether it be rope, light spanking, etc. We have discovered many things on the internet throughout our relationship that has made us progress further. Sometimes he would give me commands, mostly in the bedroom, and I would listen (for the most part hehe). Our Daddy/babygirl relationship happened very naturally. It was meant for us, in a way that it hardly felt odd, even from the beginning. I think our 10 year age difference helped solidify that relationship.

Recently though, I had seen some articles/blogs about domestic discipline (not christian DD though), and it happened to be something that interested me. I showed my Daddy and he became interested as well. He did some research and on Valentine’s Day he showed me this article. This article contains writing from a wife who started a domestic discipline relationship with her husband. The main point to this article is to talk about a so called ‘boot camp’ to start and allow the both to get used to such relationships. Me and my Daddy talked about it and we didn’t want to make anything super official with a  label and all, like a ‘contract’. So we decided just a verbal agreement would be best for us. This was just a few days ago and things have been going well. He gives me a few tasks each day and I complete those tasks whether if it’s something I would like to do or not.

I chose to submit to my Daddy because I was having trouble getting motivated to do anything at all besides work. On my days off I would be lazy and do absolutely nothing, and at the end of the day I was not happy with myself at all and would actually feel depressed. Maybe I was. I had goals I wanted to accomplish like losing weight, or maybe I just wanted to do laundry that day, but I just couldn’t make myself do it for some reason. This is a large part of why I wanted to commit to this lifestyle. I have been feeling a lot better now that everyday I have been accomplishing tasks and making my life better, thanks to Daddy. Another reason why I submit to my Daddy, is to make him happy. I know it makes him happy when I am a good girl and do as he says. I have been stubborn throughout our entire one year relationship, and that has definitely cause us many problems. Now we have been arguing less and we have both been much happier. I love to get his call or text in the morning telling me what I need to be doing that day.

Many of you may not understand and may even think this relationship is wrong. To us though, it isn’t at all and it’s something we enjoy. Often his tasks aren’t for him, they are usually for me. Things I’ve been wanting to get done, like cleaning the house or cleaning my car. Most of the tasks Daddy gives me are meant to help me improve my life. Just yesterday he had me write 20 sentences, to practice my calligraphy, saying ‘I Am A Beautiful Princess’. I smiled most of the time while writing these sentences because I know Daddy truly thinks that about me.

People may think this lifestyle all has to do with sex, but it doesn’t at all. I’ve actually discovered that it has a lot less to do with sex than I thought. Yes, I do as he tells me in the bedroom but it’s not his main focus when he’s giving me rules or tasks.

Another thought that may trouble some is respect. My Daddy completely respects me in all ways. He ALWAYS opens the car door for me or if i’m thirsty in the middle of the night he’ll get up and get me something to drink. He is a gentleman to me and always treats me with respect. This has made it a lot easier for me to do as he says, because I know he isn’t downgrading me in any way. This commitment has also made me a lot more respectful towards him. I lacked in that department somewhat before. Now I don’t argue with him or reply to him with sass (as much) and I think that has helped our relationship.

I love that my Daddy is so committed to me that he is willing to spend time out of his day to make sure I did what I needed to do to be a successful person in life. I’ll have to get him to do some type of interview to get his points of view on why he enjoys this lifestyle as well.

I have always thought that the man should be in charge in the relationship, sort of like 1950’s household, but I am a very stubborn young lady and never thought that was something I could do. I found the right man for the job. Daddy puts me in my place, in a good way. I could never imagine having this relationship with anybody else, nor would I want to. By NO means am I saying we are some kind of experts at this, I mean we committed to this just a week ago, but I am liking it so far and plan on sticking to it as long as he willing to as well.

I think it has made both of us happier & I would recommend anyone thinking about it to try it 🙂


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