Babygirl’s First Spanking

The first time I got my first ‘real’ spanking was just a couple weeks ago… 

I say ‘real’ because Daddy had spanked me a little here and there but nothing more than making my ass a shade brighter. 

On this particular occasion though we had started getting into a more Domestic Discipline relationship, we hadn’t fully committed yet though. He had given me a To Do List and I pretty much blatantly disregarded it. I have the most trouble trying to make it to the gym. Anyways, once I got home I knew I was in trouble. 

Daddy immediately took me into the bedroom and pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and bent me over the bed. He began swatting me with this stick he loves to punish me with. Daddy then started asking me questions like, “Do you care what you want?”. He was asking because he knows I’ve always struggled with my weight, nothing serious, just 40 lbs or so that I’ve gained back since moving across the country. Going to the gym and eating healthy is hard for me to commit to. Just a few months ago I lost 10 lbs and felt so much better, I gained it all back through the holidays though. By no means does Daddy tell me to lose weight for him, he always tells me he loves my sexy body, but he knows that I want to make a change. I love him for trying to help me. 

Back to the story… I’m bent over the bed getting spanked with Daddy’s special stick, my ass already red, when there’s a knock at the door…  He told me to wait in the corner with my pants and panties still down and not to move until he came back. I probably stood in that corner for half an hour while he conversated with his friend who had knocked at the door. It was so boring and incredibly hard to just stand there. I knew at that point he was serious about this punishment and wasn’t gonna let me off easy. Finally, Daddy’s friend left and he came back into the room. I was still standing there with my pants and panties down, now around my ankles, with my ass starting to welt up. 

Daddy bent me back over the bed and continued to give me swats on various parts of my ass at variated strengths. He was still asking me certain questions about why I hadn’t listened to him and myself and just go to the gym. He was making it very clear on why I was being punished. 

I took this spanking like a good girl. I wanted it. I knew I should be punished & I had never had a spanking that really got the point across that I should listen to my Daddy at all times. This spanking did it. Daddy spanked my ass for at least a half hour. My ass was so red and hot & the swats just kept coming. 

I had read stories of other submissives crying while being spanked but I had never come close to that. As Daddy, was spanking me and I whimpered louder and louder, I wondered where that point was for me. Where would I break down completely and the tears start flowing? After that 30 plus minutes of spanking, it happened. I started crying, actual tears and sobs. Daddy noticed, gave me a couple more light swats, then put me in his lap and held me. He wipped away my tears. 

I had taken that spanking just like a good little girl should. Normally, I would have protested, but I stayed bent over and took every swat he gave me. I knew I didn’t want to disobey Daddy again though. 

My ass was bright red when we went to bed that night. The next morning, it had been covered with dark purple bruises. When Daddy saw he seemed pleased with his handy work, which made me happy. My ass was sore that day, but got better gradually. I hoped I had learned my lesson.I was happy walking around with bruises on my ass no one knew was there but me and that my Daddy had given them to me.

I don’t think this is something me and Daddy plan on doing often. As far as the length of time he spanked me and getting to the point where I cry. I’m sure he will continue having fun spanking me though 😉


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